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About Us

About Us

Seven Sands Tourism offers a dynamic and modern approach to travel and destination management and has emerged as one of the leading tour operators based in United Arab Emirates - a destination never to be missed.

Established in 2007 by Cyril Britto and Mohammad Afzal Khan, since our establishment we have made it our obligation to convince our clients by reliable, professional and accurate services of planning and operating group tours in different parts of the world and have made an indelible mark on the travel and tourism sector. Unlike many travel company we don't expect you to just choose products out of a database yourself without any advice.

We at Seven Sands Tourism strive to be more complete than our competitors. The secret of our success lies in the fact that we anticipate and understand the requirement and expectation of the tourists and work towards providing further satisfaction to this effect. We offer most friendly tours, which makes the clients repeat their travel and we believe in getting success through word of mouth.

We specialize mostly in Inbound packages offering an unforgettable global travel experience and at the same time ensuring a true value for your money. Our packages are very attractive and less time consuming. At every trip we ensure the itinerary is well placed, the transport is interesting and safe, the hotels are well located and the guides are informative and friendly. The trip is carefully calculated to bring you a perfect balance between adventure and comfort, exploration and relaxation. We can also make tailor made packages based on your requirements. We have qualified and experienced professionals who understand today’s travelers needs and provides hassle free and excellent services with promptness. They are specialized in different fields. Visa, air-ticketing, hotel booking, tours planning, destination management & customer care and take personal care of each and every client.