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Crab Hunting

Adventure with the Scissor Claws

Looking for some adventure then how about some crab hunting in the night. Yes u heard it right, The mangrove Islands of Umm Al Quwain is famous and the only place where u can satisfy your urge of dining your bate. With the beauty of illuminated mangrove, Cook your own catch and enjoy a barbecue along the shore. Crab hunting is also recognised as a rich local tradition in the mangroves of Umm Al Quwain, Dubai. The entire program takes place at night during low tide so people of all ages can test their skills and also enjoy a scrumptious buffet along the shore. Lack of experience not a problem our professional help and adequate supply of relevant equipments required for crab hunting will enhance your thrill.

Discover the thrill of crab hunting on this extraordinary on glass-bottom boats will ferry you to natural mangroves abundant with crabs where underwater lights illuminate the local night time sport.

Umm Al Quwain is located in the Northern region of UAE and is the only place in the region where mangrove formations are found. Mangroves are a natural phenomenon found only in low tide areas adjacent to land and are ideal habitats for crabs. Night crab hunting is a very popular marine sport enjoyed by the locals of Umm Al Quwain.

All participants are required to strictly observe the safety regulations. The Resort or Seven Sands Tourism will not be responsible for any tribulations or claims of any manner and magnitude, what so ever for this tour.

Food, Clothing & Footwear:
  • Swimwear / Beachwear (to be brought by the Guest)
  • Water-resistant slip-ons (can be rented at the hotel at free of cost )
  • All necessary equipment such as safety jacket, spear, torch, and slip-ons provided at resort.
  • Tea and coffee before and after crab hunting trip.
  • Continental dinner with the fresh catch of the crab
Booking Procedure

Bookings can be made online through booking page in this website or by contacting our tour consultants on any of the below numbers. Confirmation must be obtained from our tour consultant before starting the tour by clearing all the payments in advance.

Duration: 1 Hr Crab Hunting + +

Minimum Person: 2 is required

Location: Flamingo Beach Hotel Umm Al Quwain UAE

Timings: 5 hours, 5pm-11pm