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Desert Safari DUBAI

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Do you wake up every day with your spirit craving for adventure? Do you want to let go for a while and see yourself amidst a joy ride that will get your senses rolling? Then imagine a vast desert with more sand dunes than you can count. Imagine you sitting in a four wheel drive vehicle with an experienced safari driver giving you a lifetime experience with those amazing dune bashings. Well this is just a small excerpt of how your day is going to turn out with a Desert safari Dubai tour organized by us. It all begins with a timely pick up from your hotel and driving you straight to the destination where the safari starts. After this joy cum adrenaline boosting experience it will be time to witness the beautiful desert sunset after which we will drive you straight to the desert camp site to help you savor the real essence of Arabian hospitality. The camp site will have camel rides and sand boarding / sand skiing on the dunes to give you an amazing experience. You are sure to fall in love with the desert after your trip of desert safari Dubai.After all this it is time for us to cater to your souls love for some of the fine things in life. Feel amazed and captivated by the beautiful Tanoura dance show followed by the all famous belly dancing performance by our talented artists. And of course, how can the true Arabian hospitality be complete without a mouth-watering barbeque dinner while you listen to authentic Arabian music. All this and more with your next desert safariDubai tour with the Dubai Seven sands trusted group.

Some of the other key highlights of this desert Safari Dubai tour offered by usif you are a lady are a never to miss Henna painting, the Arabic Shisha (Bubble Hubble) and the Arabian dress photography. All this for the people who like their ‘me/us time’ to be a combination of exiting experiences with a touch and finesse. A souvenir shop is also available with hand-made souvenirs that will remind you of the amazing desert spirit and your time with the desert. Come, let go with us and live your next desert safari Dubai trip like a dream you never want to get out of.

Book your desert Safari Dubai tour with Dubai seven sands and experience a true Arabian spirit.

  • A pick-up is provided from your hotel to the desert.
  • 4x4 vehicles will be used for the dune bashing
  • Sand boarding /skiing and camel riding on the dunes
  • Reaching the desert camp you will welcomed with tea, coffee and soft drinks
  • For ladies Henna sessions, Arabic Shisha and traditional Arabic costumes will be available.
  • Crowd will be entertained with Tanoura/Egyptian dance programs.
  • Belly dance will be special entertainment.
  • Dinner buffet with barbeque is the last specialty for all the guests.

Note: We can provide Morning, Evening and Night desert safari Dubai tours.

  • Days of operation: Daily
  • Pick-up time: 3:30pm to 4pm
  • Drop off time: 9pm
Special Requirements/Restrictions:
  • A 4x4 vehicle will have a maximum of only 6 persons and are on a coach basis.
  • Alcoholic drinks will be served on extra cost not with the Package (Not in the month of Ramadan and government restricted areas).
  • Timings depend upon weather and season condition.
  • Safari is basically off-road entertainment and we would suggest heart patients and people with back problem not to participate. Company will not be held responsible if you still decide to go ahead at your own risk.
  • For the above mentioned people we can offer an exclusive car and send them directly to the campsite.

We offer special prices for early booking and group bookings please contact for rates.

Note: This price applicable for a booking of more than 5 people

desert safari dubai Only AED 125 Per Person

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desert safari dubai
desert safari dubai
desert safari dubai
desert safari dubai