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Fishing in Khorfakkan

Hook the Slippery n Scaly

Ever enjoyed fishing in a vast ocean here is the chance to realize how satisfying it is. The warm and shallow waters of khorfakkan is filled with Kingfish, tuna, barracuda,red snapper,hamour,and even sharks are found in abundance. Fishing enthusiasts can just pick their spot and wait patiently for the nibble or just sit back and enjoy the blue water of the Arabian Sea surrounded by a spectacular rugged Hajar mountains rising in place to 1,000 meters, the beautiful, sun soaked sandy beaches and the magnificent underwater life and corals make Khorfakkan breathtaking irresistible.

  • Activities include fishing, swimming and snorkelling.
  • Speed boats and traditional Arabic dhows are available for fishing trips.
  • The speedboats carry a maximum of 10 participants.
  • Fishing equipment such as one line fishing roll, bait, hooks & weights provided on board.
  • Life jackets and snorkelling equipment's provided.
  • Water and soft drinks served on board.