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Hatta Mountain Tour

Borrow the Picturesque Beauty

The Hatta mountain tour is all about an adventurous mountain trail covered with lush greenery and rugged Hajar mountains. Hatta wadi is a very old heritage village with scenic Rocky Mountains just a 100 kilometres away from city of Dubai.

The Dubai seven sands tour to the Hajar mountains starts with a 4WD (4X4) vehicle perfect for off road adventure on the mountains and exploration. The high altitude region will definitely give you a chill making it a perfect getaway from the heat of the city. Hatta natural ponds filled with winter rains also gives you a chance to just dive in and enjoy the nature. Next is the reconstructed heritage village dating back to the 16th century to explore the mosques and military base constructed using mud, reeds and rocks giving you an idea about lifestyles of people centuries ago. This tour gives a visit to all terrain types starting from extraordinary modern skyline of Dubai to dramatic Al Hajar Mountains then to the desert territory of the Emirati. On our way back we stop at the mountain retreat 4-star Hatta Fort hotel for a yummy lunch before continuing on to the Jebel Maleihah (camel rock) a site famous for its fossils and rock formations.

  • Day trip to Hatta Heritage Village and the UAE desert by 4×4 jeep.
  • Travel with a friendly local guide from Dubai to Hatta in the scenic mountains of Al- Hajar.
  • Explore Hatta Heritage Village and learn about its 16th-century mud-brick mosques.
  • Delicious lunch at a 4-star Hatta fort hotel.
  • Visit the rock formations of Jebel Maleihah and Camel Rock.
  • Make use of a hotel pickup and drop-off service from central Dubai.
  • Please bring your original Passport or Labor Card or Emirates ID.
  • Hatta Heritage Village is closed on Fridays.
  • Food and Beverages will be at your own cost.
Only AED 200 Per Person

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