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Luxury Boat Charter

The Best Ambience on Board


Experience the beautiful sunset showering the city coast of Dubai with the gentle salty breeze on the soft caress of the rolling waves. The luxury boat charter dubai7sands gives you a chance to refresh your mood offering the luxurious and comfortable Yachts service for local and international tourists.Dubai Marina is a wonderful place to visit, with its grand landscape and its various sights and sounds. You can cruise in the crowning jewel of our fleet: a 101-foot yacht rental complete with a bar and barbecue, 2 VIP suites, 2 stateroom suites, 1 master suite, and a entertainment centre. Whether it is a private and intimate get-together with friends and family, or a corporate gathering celebrating a company milestone, you can make an event memorable by going on a boat cruise in Dubai Marina. Let us show you the beauty of the sea.

Seven Sands Tourism is offering a complete range of party boats, luxury Yachts, fishing boats, huge capacity boats, kite fishing, para sailing, wake boarding, jet boarding, jet skis and more.

SEVEN SANDS TOURISM prices for renting boats range from 600 AED to 7500 AED per hour depend on type of boats. Boat type 8 person to 50 person capacity 33ft yacht to 101ft yacht.