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Scuba diving in Dubai


The Geographical Shift

While in Dubai it is time to love life in the most enjoyable way as you can. With Dubai being the center of attraction among all the Emirates it sure does provide a way to let loose and also gives you access to the magnificence of the vast desert lands and the scenic beauties of the surrounding sea.

With the growing number of tourists looking out towards the middle-east in the past several years the tourism is the middle-east has reached out to greater heights and is now considered an elite among the travel destinations around the world. The thinkers here have used their imagination and creativity to best use the nature around and best convert it into a travel wonder that we see today. While speaking of the middle-east and having a fun time while at it a noteworthy mention would have to be made of Ras Al Khaimah popularly known as RAK.

Ras Al Khaimah is the most scenic and varied of the seven Emirates. You can consider this to be an image of what Dubai tourism has to offer with the amalgamation of beautiful mountains, beautiful coasts and the magnificent desert. With this in its arsenal RAK is the perfect destination for water sports and the go- to spot for all you adventurers looking out for Scuba diving in Dubai.

Known to be one of the wonder sports in the water world Scuba diving in Dubai will surely get your adrenaline pumping. Enjoy the serenity of the water world while you swim with the fish and experience a world like no other. Leave it to us to ensure your safety and let us get you all geared up so that you can enjoy your experience of a lifetime with delight.


Penguin Falls - World's largest Man made water fall stands 120' tall and 540' wide.
Penguin Bay - A 6000 sqmtrs Rain Dance Pool with stage.
Polar Mountains - World's largest assortment of 27 slides emerging from 7 towers: Mount Fury, Tempest, Cyclone, Iceberg, Attack, Boomerang & more.
Arctic Waves - Largest wave pool with the area 3600 sqmtrs.
Coral Isle - A unique snorkeling experience.
Eddy Pond - New water park attraction, whirlpool experience.
Tundra Baths - Jacuzzi facility.
Polar Game - First time ever regular soccer fields with soft turf, shallow water and rain showers.
Snow River - Lazy River through exciting caverns.
Kids Cove - A dedicated kid’s water park (12 water slides & attractions).
Penguin Pool - Olympics size pool built to competition standards.

Park Timings: 10am - 6pm, Daily
Ladies Night: Every Friday 8:00 pm to 12:00 Midnight (May and June).

Scuba diving in Dubai Scuba diving in Dubai
Scuba diving in Dubai
Scuba diving in Dubai
Scuba diving in Dubai
Scuba diving in Dubai